Chelford Parish Meeting

The Chelford Parish Meeting takes place annually on some day between 1st March and 1st June (both inclusive). It is not a meeting of the Parish Council. The meeting is open to the public, however, only registered electors of the parish may vote during the meeting.

Agenda: 16th May 2024

Agenda: 11th May 2023

Agenda: 17th May 2022

Agenda: 2021 – Meeting cancelled

Agenda: 2020 – Meeting cancelled

Agenda: 21st May 2019

Agenda: 15th May 2018

Agenda: 16th May 2017

Minutes: .

Minutes: 11th May 2023

Minutes: 17th May 2022

Minutes: 2021 – Meeting cancelled

Minutes: 2020 – Meeting cancelled

Minutes: 21st May 2019

Minutes: 15th May 2018

Minutes: 16th May 2017